These are a few of my favorite things: Wine

Dec 19

I’m a self proclaimed wine snob and proud of it. It has aided me not only in developing my skills as a chef but was the only reason I landed a job as a server at the Four Seasons in Newport Beach. Only my second job out ever waiting tables and let’s just say my […]

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Spices

Nov 27

The weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday, Yahoo posted a list of health benefits that various spices are purported to have. Everything from soothing an upset stomach to boosting metabolism to helping with arthritis. While this may be new news so to speak to some, particularly in this era of pharmaceuticals and treatment of symptoms rather […]

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Cheese

Nov 18

And when I say favorite, I mean it’s right up there with hummus and bacon for me. I LOVE CHEESE. I could be very happy living the rest of my days with a good brie, a nice creamy goat cheese and a beautiful salty parmesan. Cheese is the perfect food in so many ways. You […]

New Year’s Food Superstitions

Jan 1

Every New Year’s Day while I was growing up my grandmother would make a lentil stew to eat, insisting that it would bring good luck and lots of money in the coming year. While the money never did show up, the tradition stuck and to this day she continues making the lentils. While chatting with […]

Deciphering the Code of Dietary Restrictions

Dec 9

Nowadays when you invite someone over for a meal the likelihood of some kind of special dietary request is pretty high. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, low carb, low sugar, no nuts, no soy, no corn, the list is practically endless. When and where should one go out of their way to make adjustments […]

And just one more thing, french fries aren’t a vegetable!!!

Apr 8

For anyone who has been watching “Food Revolution” you will understand where i’m coming from. During one episode Jamie Oliver was challenged by the management of one of the schools he was at when he produced a seven vegetable stir fry with chicken and was told that it didn’t have enough vegetables in it. As […]

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 5-The Skinny on Fat

Oct 10

We all know that olive oil is good for us. We’ve heard the benefits of how it is high in omega 3 fatty acids, low in cholesterol and helps to elevate your good cholesterol levels.

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 2-Spices

Sep 21

One of the single most pleasurable aspects of Mediterranean cuisine is the intense use of spices of all kinds. I often am asked if Moroccan or Greek or Spanish cuisine is spicy. While occasional peppers and spicy elements, like Harissa paste and Spicy Paprika, are added, most of the flavors aren’t blatantly hot as much […]

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 2-Spices

Sep 20

One of the first things people notice when sitting down to a Mediterranean inspired meal is the strong fragrance of spices that waft through the air. It is perhaps my most treasured pleasure to be able to eat with my nose and then my taste buds and Mediterranean cuisine lends itself beautifully to this indulgence. […]

Tribute to Julia Child

Jul 29

On August 14 & 16, 2009 we are hosting a special dinner to celebrate the birthday of the legendary Julia Child, who was born on August 15, 1912 and passed away on August 13, 2004, just a couple days shy of her 92nd birthday. The menu will reflect some of the specialties she presented on […]