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CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

Jun 29

When we first came to Central Illinois, I relied on the grocery store, i.e. Walmart, for most of my groceries because it seemed as though we were miles away from any decent resource for produce. What I ended up with mostly was underripe, underflavored, shiny, beautiful fruits and vegetables that had been transported thousands of […]

Spanish Tapas

Jun 20

Tapas literally translated means “little dishes.” In Spain, a common practice in the evening rather than partaking in a full multi-course dinner is to travel from Tapas bar to Tapas bar, eating little dishes that are the specialty of the house and having a refreshment or two. Tapas can be made up of just about […]

What you need to know about eating organic

Jun 7

“Organic.” The term elicits ideals of “All Natural,” “Antibiotic and Pesticide Free,” “Healthier.” It can also mean more expensive. Is eating organic really that much better? The answer is more perplexing than it may seem. First of all, one needs to be educated about what is “organic” versus what is “certified organic.” Organic foods by […]