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Super Bowl Munchies

Jan 21

OK, I admit it. I’m not a huge sports fan. I don’t wait for football season to start and I generally spend most of my time during games searching videos on YouTube. BUT, I do love Super Bowl. I love the commercials, the excitement, the half time show, and most of all, the food. My […]

Cost Effective Appetizers

Jan 6

Alright, we all know we are in a bit of a recession. Times are tough and we are all trying to save a buck here and there. One of the first things people cut back on is food and entertainment. Lets rationalize for a moment, when times are tough, most of us really could use […]

Lets Talk About Appetizers Again! But Lets Make Them Gluten Free!

Jan 1

OK, I was going to write days ago, but things heading up to New Year’s have been pretty hectic. So, Happy New Year to you all. Since we started a discussion on appetizers, I’m going to continue it, but I’d like to tie it into something else I’m working on, which is a gluten free […]