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Why I Care About Bees

Jan 27

I’m sure by this point most of you have heard that we have a serious problem with bees. I’m not talking about killer bees, which seem to have appeared in places they really shouldn’t exist. I’m talking about pretty yellow and black striped honey bees. It is called Colony Collapse Disorder and it was recognized […]

Diagnosing Celiac Disease: A Work In Progress

Jan 16

I am currently reading yet another book about Julia Child called “As Always, Julia” by Joan Reardon. This is a collection of a series of letters written between Julia Child and her friend Avis Devoto. In one letter, Avis Devoto describes having suffered from anemia for twenty-five years. As I was reading this a red […]

The Low Down on Knives

Jan 7

The knife is probably the single most important tool in the kitchen for both beginning chefs and professional chefs. Obviously knowing how to use them is critical, but the knife in and of itself is important as well. There are a few things I have learned about knives over the course of the last say […]

New Year’s Food Superstitions

Jan 1

Every New Year’s Day while I was growing up my grandmother would make a lentil stew to eat, insisting that it would bring good luck and lots of money in the coming year. While the money never did show up, the tradition stuck and to this day she continues making the lentils. While chatting with […]