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Are Restaurants a Thing of the Past?

Yesterday I read an article about France threatening to remove the title “restaurant” from any food establishment that does not actually cook their food on the premesise. The rise of fast food joints and places that are serving pre-packaged food that has been reheated is what has led to this motion in France. Of course this is nothing new to us here in the US. Fewer and fewer “restaurants” are actually cooking anything. Many are opening cans and reheating food to be served and passing it off as “from scratch.” I for one find it appalling.

Look, I get the need for fast food and convenience, but food has gotten to the point where it is less about dining and more about calories and mindless consumption. It’s no wonder restaurants are turning away from what I like to call culinary artistry because the consumer no longer cares. There are of course foodies who will go out of their way to enjoy the culinary creations of one or another chef, but the vast majority of diners aren’t looking for something special. They just want quantity for the least price. This equals cheap food, manufactured in bulk using the cheapest possible ingredients. If that doesn’t make you mad, I don’t know what will.

As a consumer, I want good food and I’m willing to pay for it. If I can afford to dine out, then I can afford to pay a little more for food that is not only prepared well but uses good quality ingredients.

1 thought on “Are Restaurants a Thing of the Past?

  1. The worst offenders are the Red Lobsters and Olive Gardens that pretend to be “restaurants” but are just glorified fast food joints.

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