Messing Around

Mar 17

I am often asked by guests staying or dining with us if specific recipes are in my cookbook and often my answer is “kind of.” Not a good answer I suppose but an honest one. I view recipes as guidelines that can be deviated from and played with. So I usually get a basic recipe […]

Super Bowl Munchies

Jan 21

OK, I admit it. I’m not a huge sports fan. I don’t wait for football season to start and I generally spend most of my time during games searching videos on YouTube. BUT, I do love Super Bowl. I love the commercials, the excitement, the half time show, and most of all, the food. My […]

Cost Effective Appetizers

Jan 6

Alright, we all know we are in a bit of a recession. Times are tough and we are all trying to save a buck here and there. One of the first things people cut back on is food and entertainment. Lets rationalize for a moment, when times are tough, most of us really could use […]

Lets Talk About Appetizers Again! But Lets Make Them Gluten Free!

Jan 1

OK, I was going to write days ago, but things heading up to New Year’s have been pretty hectic. So, Happy New Year to you all. Since we started a discussion on appetizers, I’m going to continue it, but I’d like to tie it into something else I’m working on, which is a gluten free […]

Hosting an Appetizer Party: Part 2

Dec 13

So, now we’ve established some of the basics, but actually picking a menu is another ball game. Here is a sample menu I would pick based on a party of 20 people coming for appetizers. Sausage Stuffed MushroomsCrab Cakes with a Remoulade SauceCheese Tray with Crackers, Fruit and NutsCaramelized Onion Dip with Crackers and CruditesSpanikopitaCoconut […]

Hosting an Appetizer Party

Dec 8

So, the holiday season is upon us. We all enjoy celebrating, but sometimes the logistics of getting a whole meal out along with work schedules, shopping, etc. is really daunting. So why not host an appetizer party. Appetizers are fun, informal, can be easy and can be more cost effective. First consideration is time of […]

Spanish Tapas

Jun 20

Tapas literally translated means “little dishes.” In Spain, a common practice in the evening rather than partaking in a full multi-course dinner is to travel from Tapas bar to Tapas bar, eating little dishes that are the specialty of the house and having a refreshment or two. Tapas can be made up of just about […]