Julia Child

Culinary School Does Not A Teacher Make

Aug 13

Recently I had someone ask me when I felt comfortable teaching since I didn’t go to culinary school. It was an innocent question, not intended maliciously, but yet, the question perturbed me. The notion being that getting a formal education necessarily precedes the ability to teach a subject or that the completion of a degree […]

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Oct 31

You’ve probably all played this game before. Name 5 people dead or alive that you’d like to have to dinner. I’ve seen the game circulate on Facebook and through various emails numerous times. It’s always fun to see who people select and why and to think about who I would select and why. Lo and […]

Happy 100th Birthday Julia: A Loving Tribute

Jul 22

This August 15 would have marked the 100th birthday of the late great Julia Child. Around the country restaurants and individuals alike are celebrating the life and legacy of this great woman. She was more than just the woman who taught us to cook French food. Her greater achievement perhaps was the reintroduction of the […]

The Problem with Next Food Network Star

May 29

Many of you are going to look at the title of this blog and think, ok, sour grapes. Quit whining. While there is some truth to that, I think I can back up my stance pretty easily. It’s no secret that I’ve been yearning to have my own show on any tv network focusing on […]

Julia and Monika. Kindred Spirits??

Aug 8

OK, sounds far fetched, but let me explain. Not the first time this dawned on me but guests this morning pointed it out to me so I felt compelled to write about it. At breakfast we were chatting about the fact that I had watched Julie & Julia again for the 10th time last night […]

What is it About Julia Child??

Jul 10

About this time every year I begin rewatching episodes of the original French Chef series in preparation for our annual tribute to Julia Child dinner. Rewatching them not only amuses me but gives me pause to consider why she became the legend that she did. Now, I’m not just talking about the Julia Child we […]

Julia Child Tribute

Aug 13

This weekend we are celebrating the life of a very special person, Julia Child. While we have had such a tribute for the last 3 years, this is the first time it was received with such enthusiasm, largely due to the fact that the movie “Julie & Julia” just opened. I have to say, I […]