Mediterranean Diet

Messing with Mushrooms

Feb 19

Portabello mushrooms are one of my favorite vegetables. They can be stuffed, grilled, roasted, sauteed, you name it. They are incredibly versatile. I happen to love them in practically anything but they are particularly great as a meat substitute because of their uniquely robust umami flavor. Unfortunately I find that many people say they hate […]

Eating Heart Healthy

Nov 20

I was recently asked to come up with a heart healthy recipe that would be quick and easy to prepare. As I was contemplating the recipe, I pondered the basics of eating heart healthy and how to incorporate them into your daily diet. Something people know from having it beaten into their memories time and […]

Obesity an Epidemic in the U.S.

Aug 5

In a recent article posted by the NY Times NY Times, the topic of the increasing obesity epidemic was at the forefront. Obesity is rising at an alarming rate, particularly amongst children. Much of this is blamed on sedentary lifestyles and diets high in sugar and fats and low in vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. […]

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 6-Vinegar

Nov 10

Perhaps one of my favorite mediterranean condiments is balsamic vinegar. Vinegar in general, whether balsamic, wine, apple cider or other flavored vinegar, is a wonderful flavor additive. It’s acidity is particularly great at cutting through fat and at complementing strong spices. The main component of salad dressings, vinegar can also give vegetables flavor and alter […]

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 5-The Skinny on Fat

Oct 27

Lets be honest, in the US, fat is a bad 3 letter word. Every day grocery stores add new and improved low fat, reduced fat and fat free products designed to improve our overall health and reduce our waistlines. Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that there are more over […]

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 4-The Protein Factor

Oct 3

Lets face it, for most Americans, a meal wouldn’t be a meal without some kind of meat on the plate, whether it’s beef, lamb, chicken or pork. We are carnivores and proud of it. I love meat, but what I’ve learned from my experiences in the Mediterranean is that I don’t need that much of […]

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 3-Eating Locally

Sep 27

Eating locally is the Make It Fresh part of the title for this series. It cannot be understated. What sets most Mediterranean cultures apart from us is the use of fresh, locally available, seasonal resources. The concept of a mass merchandiser that has everything you are looking for in one stop is unheard of in […]

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 2-Spices

Sep 22

One of the truly great pleasures of Mediterranean cuisine is the degree to which you eat with all of your senses. The single biggest aspect of this is the aggressive use of spices in these cultures. While most of the foods in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco and others are not inherently spicy per se, […]