Spice Up Your New Year

Jan 8

A new year mean’s new resolutions. Often these include eating better and losing weight. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to incorporate more spices into your cooking. Here are my top spice tips to help you spice up your new year: 1) Make sure your spices are fresh. Spices should be […]

Paprika: Not Just A Garnish For Deviled Eggs

Jun 25

I use a LOT of paprika in my cooking. I am Hungarian and grew up with a grandmother who cooked classic Hungarian fare so that may have something to do with it. It always surprises my cooking class students that paprika has a flavor because they are accustomed to the brown stuff in the Schilling […]

Make It Mediterranean, Make It Fresh Part 2-Spices

Sep 22

One of the truly great pleasures of Mediterranean cuisine is the degree to which you eat with all of your senses. The single biggest aspect of this is the aggressive use of spices in these cultures. While most of the foods in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco and others are not inherently spicy per se, […]

The Spice of Life

May 2

Herbs and spices are an integral part of most ethnic cuisines. Rather than being an afterthought they are often the central themes of a dish around which various meats and vegetables are paired. The specific combinations of spices and herbs used by a particular culture are often key markers of those cultures, defining both their […]