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Getting to Know Your Innkeeper: The Mascot-Couscous

For our final installment of Getting to Know Your Innkeeper: The Mascot-Couscous, we are going to introduce you to our furry feline assistant who incidentally won the Employee of the Year for 2014 by popular vote, much to my husbands dismay. We assembled a few questions for the little man to answer for you. Without further ado, Couscous.

1) Where were you born and when? I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 12, 2003. My mother was a single parent. My father was out of the picture before I was born. I was the runt of my litter. I was adopted by the the female with red hair and by the male with the beard almost immediately. I like them well enough, but the female smothers me a lot.

2) Wow, Las Vegas! How did you end up in Illinois? It’s hard to remember. I know I spent my childhood in a big house in Las Vegas. After a year my parents moved me to California where I lived for a few months in a house with a woman who told me to call her grandma. I don’t know what that means but I played along. Then my quarters got progressively smaller and smaller as we hopped around from apartment to apartment. Then the long drive. I was traumatized by it. I hate the car. It was six days of agony until we arrived here in Illinois. I now live in a postage stamp where I barely have any privacy at all.

3) What’s your favorite hobby? Besides sleeping?? I like to play chase. I know when my parents don’t close the door completely and I like to try to escape to the outside world. The best is the basement. Lots to explore. But they don’t like when I go down there so I usually have to go back to our room. It sucks. Plus sometimes they don’t actually chase after me which is no fun at all.

4) What are your duties around the inn? Huh? I sleep. I eat. I occasionally play around with my carpet mice. And in the middle of the night I like to chase imaginary prey and wake up my parents. Duties?? I do not know what that word even means?

5) Tell me honestly, which of your parents do you like better? Well, I’m going to say the male one. I like to sit in his lap sometimes. It relaxes me. And he cleans my litter box which is VERY important. Although the female is nice too and she brings me my food a lot of the time. She drives me crazy though because she always wants to pet me or kiss me or take a photo of me and it disturbs my sleep.

6) Speaking of food, what is your favorite meal? I hear your mom is quite a cook! I don’t know about that. I’m VERY fussy. I only eat Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Hairball Control dry food and I have decided I only like one kind of wet food. Hill’s Science Diet Tender Tuna Dinner. BUT, it has to be mixed with my vitamins every morning and they have to add water to it so it’s brothy and not cold. I like the extra juice and I don’t like food that’s too cold. I don’t like the treats. They make me throw up.

7) How do you stay so fit? You are quite svelt for your age. Well, it was hard for a while. But last year for about a week I got moved into a different room and when we moved back to our quarters I discovered a bunch of new perches that my dad had built for me. So now I have all kinds of places to run and jump and it has been quite beneficial in maintaining my weight. The big perch with the moving conveyor belt still alludes me though. My mom likes to walk on it but it seems to move too rapidly for me.

8) I assume you also stay fit chasing after mice and hunting? Excuse me? I do not hunt. Plus there is nothing to hunt for in our place. An occasional spider but I don’t really like hunting after them either. I just play with them and then watch them climb onto my mom and bite her.

9) Ha! That’s not nice! How do you earn your keep? I mean you had to do something to win Employee of the Year? I don’t know what you are talking about. Are we done yet? Because I’m getting really tired. I’ve only slept for like 14 hours today. I need at least 6 more to meet my quota for the day.

10) OK, OK. Last question, what is your dream in life? If you could do anything or be anything? To sleep. Meow. Purr. Zzzzzz.



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