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Goodbye 2013!!! Hello 2014!!

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is already coming to a close. This year has flown by! We had a super 2013, one for the record books. We met many new and wonderful people who stayed and dined with us and got the opportunity to reconnect with other repeat guests who continue to bless us with their presence. The greatest reward at the end of a busy year is knowing how many memories we have made for people. Innkeeping at its heart is about making memories and giving people the needed rest and relaxation from their busy and stressful lives.
For us the joy of it is in the day to day moments. Those conversations over coffee during breakfast, the subsequent emails and Facebook chats and ultimately the opportunity to do what we love. We thank each and every one of you for letting our passion become our career.
Some stand out moments of 2013 for us included being named one of the top 10 Culinary Inns by and recently being honored with a Guest Favorite Award by Both of these were based upon guest reviews for which we are extremely grateful. More than anything they give us the confidence that we are doing what we were meant to do. 2013 Top 10 Culinary Award Winner
On a personal note, we had a number of memorable events in 2013. First of all, in March, we, along with my mother and one of my best friends, made a trek to Las Vegas for a week of fun which culminated in seeing Celine Dion in concert. For anyone who has stayed with us, you all know what a nut I am and how much I love her so that truly was a highlight. In July, Jeff and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, which is hard to believe since it feels like just yesterday that we were married. To celebrate, we crossed an item off our bucket list by dining at Alinea, which is one of the top rated restaurants in the world. It was culinary theater at its finest and truly a great way to spend our anniversary. In August, Jeff crossed off an item from his personal bucket list with a trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH for his birthday. We rode roller coasters for two days straight. I had a headache for a week but it was well worth it. Continuing with our thrill seeking bucket list items, in September we went skydiving. I can honestly say that while I was terrified of doing it initially it was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life that I would indeed repeat.
2013 Las Vegas
Other special moments included a number of fun themed cooking classes at Hy-Vee with my right hand gal Cathy which culminated with a Lucy and Ethel themed class that was so popular we sold out two months in a row. And of course, we had a great time with our movie themed dinners all summer long (which we will continue in 2014), including our Big Night dinner complete with Timpano and our My Big Fat Greek Wedding dinner with Windex centerpieces on the table. Nobody can claim we don’t like to have fun around here.
2013 Cooking Classes
We rounded out 2013 with some much needed family time with a trip to California to see the extended family, including a new baby for my cousin, as well as a couple of excursions with my mom to see Josh Groban and Kathy Griffin.
All in all, 2013 was a great year full of personal and business triumphs and growth. We look ahead toward 2014 with renewed energy and excitement for the many changes and projects we have planned. Among them are some updates to a couple of our rooms upstairs to spruce them up, a new cookbook, increased blogging, more articles in the paper and a new You Tube video series. Stay tuned in 2014, the best is yet to come!!

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