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Pet Friendly Debate

Among inns and innkeepers there is constantly a pet friendly debate going on. More and more properties are opening themselves up to guests who like to travel with their furrbabies. It’s good marketing and has a good built in clientele. But, there are also a lot of folks who are allergic to pets and unable to stay in a facility that is pet friendly. So the debate is always whether being pet friendly will actually increase your business or decrease your business.

As an animal lover, okay maybe an animal freak (In fact my husband insists that if it were up to me we wouldn’t have a bnb we would have a petting zoo and there may be some truth to that), my heart says being pet friendly would be great, but because we are predominantly a bnb for foodies, my brain says otherwise. If we had the kind of property that had all hardwood or tile floors, not a lot of antiques and was located in a more urban area, we might reconsider that philosophy, but as it stands we feel that we are not equipped to clean adequately to make sure danders don’t get trapped into the carpet that would affect other guests that have allergies. So we have upheld our no pets policy. We tried once or twice to make an exception but decided that it wasn’t worth it after a few accidents. (Note: by law all businesses are required to accept service animals regardless of allergies)

What about our own pet?? Many people have asked me this as we do have a cat in residence. Our feline furrbaby is isolated to our innkeepers quarters only and is diligently monitored so that he does not get into the inn. We also made sure our venting for AC/Heating are completely separate from the rest of the inn so that there is no chance of danders travelling from one floor to the next. As far as myself, I am also very diligent about making sure I keep furr off myself and I am constantly washing my hands before handling any food or engaging with guests.

We found out early on that my father in law is highly allergic to cats and particularly sensitive to our feline for whatever reason. His asthma would act up and he would start sneezing uncontrollably the second he was anywhere near him. So we do take allergies very seriously. He stays with us regularly without any trouble as have many other guests with cat allergies.

That being said, we do periodically show off our furrbaby online because we think he is pretty darn adorable. And we find folks like to see photos of peoples pets and children. Since we don’t have children, we proudly parade our furrbaby. And there was the one year that Couscous won for employee of the year. Not sure exactly what he did to deserve it, but we figured he was due. If nothing else for moral support and purrs.

With that, here is a photo of our precocious and very large feline Couscous, in honor of National Hug Your Cat Day!


The Chestnut Street Inn mascot. Couscous!


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