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I have a couple of gripes about food that I have to get off my chest. Recently I have been even more OCD about reading labels than I had been and I’m starting to get really annoyed by some things. Here is my short gripe list.

1) Why does heavy cream need to have mono and di glycerides in it??

2) Why does cottage cheese have guar gum and Modified Food Starch in it??

3) Why does chicken, beef, pork and other meat have added sodium in it??

4) Why does yogurt have so much sugar and fat in it??

5) Why does ANYTHING have MSG in it anymore??

6) Why do products that are marked “Gluten Free” on the front also have a warning about potential cross contamination in the facility it was manufactured in on the back?

7) Why DON’T they HAVE to declare that a package of ground beef may have ammoniated beef in it?

8) Why does processed cheese even exist when there are so many great cheeses out there?

9) Why do they put wax on fruit?

10) Why aren’t other people asking these same questions?

It seems to me that we have all become complacent about the things we put in our bodies. I got news for you, the FDA and the USDA DON’T necessarily have your health in their best interest. They are more concerned with the bottom line and whenever money is involved, you better think twice. People need to start advocating for themselves when it comes to eating well. The pendulum has swung far too much in a direction toward foods that are more concerned with shelf life and appearances than with health and nutrition. Next time you are in a grocery store, don’t just assume that all things being equal sugar is sugar and cream is cream. Turn those containers, bags and cartons around and read the labels. You’ll be amazed at the chemicals and crap you are actually consuming. There are options and you can avoid these chemicals, you just have to be aware and be a savvy consumer.

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