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You Deserve a Break

Recently a potential guest inquired as to our 12+ policy as it is stated on our website. Since it was a legitimate inquiry I thought I would address it on our blog. Why do we like to keep the inn a no child environment? Because we think you deserve a break.

We love kids. Who doesn’t? But we have found in 11 years of innkeeping that our primary audience is couples who are trying to get away from their own families and children for a much needed night or two off. They need quiet, a respite, a chance to reconnect, an opportunity to enjoy the company of other adults and above all, sleep. That’s what we are here to give them. Good food, good rest, rejuvenation. We know from customer feedback that they would be highly perturbed if they arrived for their getaway only to find someone else’s kids running around, crying or…just being kids. Out of respect to them, we maintain our no child policy.

Secondly, we are well aware that certain facilities are much more child friendly than ours. Kids are inquisitive and have lots of energy. They need space where they can have fun, run around, get that energy out and where there aren’t antiques or other valuables around that could potentially be accidentally damaged or destroyed. There are B & B’s that are suitable for children, but ours is not. Many items in our property have been collected from our travels and are irreplaceable. While we respect that things can happen by accident, often it is not the child’s fault for being inquisitive, but rather the lack of parental supervision over the child. It is difficult for parents to keep an eye on their kids 100% of the time and still be able to relax and enjoy their stay. I get that. But that means things can and do happen. This comes from experience. For the sake of parents being able to enjoy their getaway without worry and for us to be able to not worry about things being damaged, it makes sense for us to maintain our 12+ policy.

Finally, while our property is 12+ for overnight stays, we are also a restaurant and open to the public for meals by reservation only. I am aware that families celebrating a birthday or anniversary want all of their kids and grand kids to participate in the celebration. We DO allow for children to come for meals. We do not, however, offer children’s menus. We will do a half sized portion for the children at half the price or parents are welcome to bring the children food they know the kids will enjoy and we will happily provide them with beverages at no additional cost. Our only requirement is that children stay at the table and not be allowed to run around and disturb other diners. We pride ourselves on offering an intimate dining experience where people can carry on conversations and enjoy a leisurely gourmet meal without any distractions.

Our goal here at CSI is to provide the highest possible quality experience in both meals and overnight stays. We aim to accommodate the largest swath of the population and that means we have to know who our target audience is. Our policy is not aimed to discriminate against anyone but rather to make sure that ALL our customers are happy and feel like they are comfortable and taken care of.

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